Woo Streaming

So I’ve finally gotten off my ass and started up a twitch stream.  I’ll be streaming whatever I’m playing for the night at http://www.twitch.tv/sadoni if you want to check it out!

Why I Hate League of Legends, and Why It’s Because I Love It

I’ve been playing a lot of League of Legends recently.  Every day for the past several months, instead of grinding achievements and gear on Azeroth, I’ve been logging into the Fields of Justice to do battle with people across the internet.  And over that time, I’ve noticed that I really do hate the game.

I really hate its community.  I’m currently Bronze II in ranked solo with a matchmaking rating somewhere in the low to mid-silver range.  Now, I know I’m definitely not the greatest of players, but I have been playing for a while and I’m at least mechanically decent enough to pull my own weight as long as I’m playing a champion I’m comfortable with.   I cannot, however, carry my team single-handedly if I am the only one who won a lane.  And at my level, people don’t seem to understand that.  I get constantly flamed for not being able to pick up the slack for others, blamed for poor play on the part of the jungler, laning partner, or unobservant lanes, and insulted for getting counter-picked or picking unconventional/unpopular champions.  And on top of that, my play has always been worse when people are pressuring me, which people don’t seem to understand at all.  The community is just so toxic, stubborn, and unable to understand even the simplest of concepts.

I hate how unbalanced the system is.  At my level, it’s just too easy to get an opponent snowballed through no fault of your own to the point where they’re unstoppable.  And that just isn’t any fun to play against, especially when I can’t play champions that do that myself.  Getting 2 kills up on your opponent shouldn’t make you unstoppable.  It’s just that simple.

I hate how much your game depends on your fellow teammates.  You can have the greatest game in existence and still lose because another one of your teammates was AFK or feeding.  Just one person on your team can lead to an insurmountable deficit.  It’s just sucks so much that winning takes a combined effort, while losing takes just one weak link.

I hate how nerve-wracking the competition is.  The fact that so much is riding on every single game is awful.  Knowing that winning games is all that separates bronze from diamond is just excruciating.  I know I’m better than bronze, but my teammates, the game’s unbalacedness, and only sometimes my own play are what’s keeping me from going up.  And there’s no way to combat it but continue to play games.  Even if you’re losing.  Because winning is the only thing that really matters.

And that’s why I love this game.  It’s so competitive, it’s always fresh, and self-improvement is the only way to climb up the ladder.  You have to show your worth because you carry yourself.  Your teammates are more than likely only going to bring you down.  And you know what?  That community has a good number of bright spots, too.  Even after dozens of games of flaming, idiocy, and poor play, everything is better when you’re in that group with that guy who’s good at his position, kind, and nice to talk to.

League of Legends is very much a double-edged sword.  When everything is going good, the game is great.  But when things start to slide, they really become terrible.  And it’s that possibility that it goes good again that keeps me playing.