Full Circle

Felix stood at the edge of the clearing. Within it stood a small, homely cottage. A simple sign on the door read “A Tailor’s Touch.”

This is the place, right?

It took him five years to track this place down, and another two to actually get here. Hopefully, the legends were indeed true.

He gingerly walked up to the front door, and upon noticing a small “Open” sign in the window, slowly opened the door as he knocked. “Hello? Is anyone here?”

A head of frizzy hair streaked with red and gray greeted him. The woman stood from the loom she was working at and approached him. A frayed smile covered her face, partially hidden by a couple bright red satin patches on her cheeks. “Welcome to A Tailor’s Touch! Can I help you?”

“Y-you’re the Crimson Phoenix! I can’t believe I’ve finally found you!”

“Oh, do we have a customer, Fi?” The deep, soft voice echoed from the back room. It was followed shortly by the shape of a large man covered in cloth patches of his own. Soft pink, blue, and red tattoos glowed in the spaces between. His face folded into a similar grin upon sight of little Felix standing in his store.

Felix gasped and fell to the floor, kneeling. “The legendary Patchwarden! It’s an honor to be in your presence.”

The old man chuckled, walked up to Felix, and lifted him back to his feet. “There’s no need for that. I’m just a simple tailor. Now, what brings you to our humble establishment?”

Felix looked into the man’s taffeta eyes with a confidence that his voice could not seem to produce. “I-I’m here to become your apprentice, Master Patchwarden.”

The man let out a hearty guffaw and turned to the woman. “Ha! Now those are words I haven’t heard in a long, long time. What do you think, Fi? Does he have what it takes?”

The woman returned a devious smile. “I don’t know. Did he come prepared?”

“Of-of course! M-my carriage is sitting outside. I-it’s full of supplies.”

A soft, warm smile folded its way across the old man’s face. A glint of pink could be seen on the edges of his dark blue eyes. “Well, then let’s begin! Here’s your first lesson: Call me Patch.”

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