Sweet Dreams

I woke up in a room I’d never seen before.  The bed I was laying upon was more lavish than anything I’d ever seen, and the rest of the room was just as decadently decorated.  At the foot of the bed stood an all too familiar red frizz who was staring at  me with a look of frustration on her face.

“So you’re finally alive enough to join me.  Welcome to the vision I disturbed Patches with every night for the last ten years.  My hopes, dreams, and ambitions.  A world where I’m on top and everyone else is my servant.  And this was just the tip of what I could have done with patch magic.”

I sat up, confused. “Okay.  Then why am I in this bed and not you?”

A twinge of confusion came upon her face, as well.  “I was hoping you’d be able to answer that.  I mean, you’ve done something, haven’t you?  Ever since you stepped foot in Patches’ shop with your apprenticeship supplies, this dream has been changing.  And you’re always the one doing the changing.”

I was no longer sitting on the bed, but instead standing in a clearing in some forest I didn’t recognize.  Behind Fianna stood a small homely hut.  A simple sign on the door read “A Tailor’s Touch.”

Fianna continued on her tirade. “When you first arrived, you were my slave, then my servant, then finally my advisor, which was understandable enough.  You’re smart and talented.  No reason why I wouldn’t use you for what you’re good at.  But then you became my benevolent king.  You started keeping me from doing whatever I wanted.

“And then… and then the whole leader of the world thing starting disappearing altogether.”  Fianna’s voice filled with dejection and a pinch of pleading.  “And now… now it’s just this little hut.  And occasionally a walk with you…  I just don’t get it…”

She collapsed in a despondent heap before me, overwhelmed by these emotions she didn’t understand.  I kneeled down and put my arms around her.  “I think I might understand.”

Her tear-filled hazel eyes looked up and met mine.  “You do?”  I pulled her closer and gave her a nod of reassurance.

“Well, then maybe my spirit’s figured it out already.  Besides, it’s time for you to wake up.  You’ve got more work to do.”