Woo Streaming

So I’ve finally gotten off my ass and started up a twitch stream.  I’ll be streaming whatever I’m playing for the night at http://www.twitch.tv/sadoni if you want to check it out!

The Great Hormonal Adventure: Month 1

I got my lab results back today for my one month checkup.  Everything looks good, and my dosages have been upped.

I’m definitely starting to see effects.  My skin is silky smooth now, which is pretty awesome.  I’m also starting to get some soreness in my breasts, but no real signs of growth yet.  Some of my body hair has drastically thinned out, and the rest is growing much more slowly.

Mentally, I’ve never felt better.  The hormones have really helped to ease those last feelings of uneasiness that the antidepressants didn’t take away.  It’s interesting to actually feel like there’s nothing really wrong for once.