The Great Hormonal Adventure: Day 4

So I got my lab results back from my blood test on Monday.  My testosterone levels before I started were a little bit low, but I’m officially clear to take the hormones.

My mood has been insanely good the last few days.  I’ll take that as a sign that this must be right.

I’m starting to get more tactile sensitivity in certain areas, which is a really weird sensation.  I can actively feel my shirt, and it’s getting a little distracting.  Hopefully I’ll get used to it soon.

No adverse side effects yet, which is pretty awesome.  Here’s to hoping I don’t get any at all.

Alphonse, the First Apprentice

“Now, where should we start?”  Patches mulled over the question for a bit.  “Well, I guess the sensible answer would be to start at the beginning.  Alphonse it is, then.

“Alphonse was my first apprentice, and the greatest failure.  You see, he came from a very wealthy, prominent family in my homeland.  Proper, dignified, and rather bright.  Excelled at most forms of wizardry.  Top of his class at the academy.

“When he felt like he had learned all the academy had to teach him, he started trying to dabble in other more exotic and dangerous varieties.  A little research and money thrown into the right hands led him to patch magic, which brought him to my doorstep.  Of course, he demanded that I teach him the ways of the patch mage.

“At first I was a bit skeptical of taking him on as my apprentice, but I was younger and inexperienced back then, so I caved and accepted him.  He obviously didn’t do much research into the actual apprenticeship;  he arrived with a paltry amount of tools and no cloth.  Again, I let him slide.  Even the most ignorant can often learn.  He never really seemed to catch on to the tailoring part of his training, often rushing past it to learn of the powers of the patches.  I was okay with that; at least he showed interest in learning.

“One morning I came into the shop and he proclaimed that he had finished his first patch and was ready to have it stitched on.  It was incredibly intricate, made of the finest cloth and thread in the land.  And definitely something Alphonse couldn’t make on his own.  I suspected that he had gotten one of his father’s tailors to make it for him.  But I just shrugged it off because who am I to tell the son of the richest man in the land what his first patch should look like?  And maybe I had really just underestimated his tailoring skill.

“And so the time came to stitch the patch on.  I stood over him and started working my thread, all the while a smug smile creeping across his face.  And that smile quickly turned into a look of agonizing pain as the patch shrivelled on his chest, ripping away the skin and bones below with it.  I tried my hardest to save him, but the pain, injury, and humiliation were just too much for him.  You see, all those years of being considered the best had made Alphonse not quite the best of candidates for being a patch mage.  His wealth and pride had seeped into his heart, and the patch rejected him for it.  Even as rich as the patch was, his ego was richer.  And that’s how I lost my first apprentice to the first tenet.”

Still Alive

I woke up in an all too familiar bed, my arm covered in bandages from wrist to neck.  Patches sat at the foot of the bed, looking much more tattered and frayed than usual.  I could hear the apprentices giggling outside the door;  Patches must have forced them out.

“How long have I been out?”  The last thing I remembered before now was collapsing in the doorway, the black ink inching ever closer toward my chest.

“Two months.  You’re lucky to even be alive.”  Patches turned toward me, a stern and angry look I’d never seen before covering her face.  “Never do something like that again.  The Prime Tenet is not something to be trifled with.”

She turned back and let out an exasperated sigh.  “I guess it’s time you learn the stories of my apprentices, so you don’t end up with them yourself.”

The Great Hormonal Adventure: Day 1

Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted. I’ve been suffering from a pretty severe case of writer’s block for the last few months, and not much has really been going on on any other fronts. However, I’m going to start posting regularly again now because things have changed.

I’ve finally gotten on HRT.

I started my first dosages of Estradiol and Spironolactone yesterday. Now, I know they shouldn’t really have any positive effects quite yet, but I’m still feeling pretty great today. Positive mood, little to no dysphoria, I even woke up early and got to work nearly on time. I haven’t had any of the negative side-effects that come with the hormones, either, which is nice.

So now that I’ve started the major part of my transition, I’m definitely going to be posting more often. I’ll be using this blog to track my progress, and will probably be adding pictures from time to time. Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to look back at this and see how far I’ve really come.