Like Brother, Like Sister

Turns out my little sis isn’t too bad at this healing stuff.  In fact, she might be better than me.  Looks like we’ve got our new healer.  Now to just get her bedtime moved back.

On another note, I’m gonna start writing my next tabletop campaign.  It’s going to be run in the Dark Heresy system, set in contemporary Europe, specifically Britain and France.  More information will come with time.

Super Happy Fun Break Learning Time

My little sister is about to hit 85 on her pally over this Christmas break. So far she’s been tanking all the way from level 15.  However, we’re going to try to teach her how to heal so she can fill in the empty spot in our raid group.  Keep in mind that my sister is 13, and I’m about the youngest person in the guild at 22.  Most of my raid group is married with kids.  And the guild is generally uncensored.  Lots of swearing and incredibly inappropriate conversations.  Like Khaz’s constant daydreams about what he wants to do to Roxzr tonight…

And then there’s the fact that she hasn’t healed on her pally.  Ever.  She’s proven to be decent at priest healing.  At level 55.  Otherwise she has no healing experience whatsoever.  Especially at max level.  And we’re gonna put her straight into raiding.  And it’s my job to teach her…  This is going to be one fantastic break…

Oh, did I mention we have to get her bedtime moved so that she can raid with us?  It’s just an all-around great situation…

At least she’s somewhat cooperative, and hopefully it won’t take too much to get her used to healing.  😀

It’s Christmas Time!

Christmas is fun… I guess…

Anyway, went and got Christmas presents for my family today, and it got me thinking.


This means hours upon hours of grinding out useless crap to fill their mailboxes. 😀 Last year it was Christmas cookies.  What should it be this year?  I was thinking…


Since you love to spam me with your unnecessarily large numbers of materials that you want me to make something useful with, I’ll supply some for your aspiring alchemist!  Have fun with those filled letters of felweed.


You know what?  I’ve kinda treated you rough from time to time, so I guess I’ll treat you.  Epic flying for one of your toons.  Coupled with a full mailbox of food for you to cook.  😛


You give me so much cake as a mage, so I think I’ll return the favor!  Mailbox full of cakes.


To the man who has everything, I think you deserve something special.  I hope a full stack of +60 Stamina gems is OK for your death knight’s tank set.

And for the raid in general…


Of course, after my gracious gifts, the guild will get my yearly massive donation, just because it’s awesome and I support it’s continuation of paying my repair bills. 😀

Merry Christmas BD!

A Wild Blog Has Appeared!


So, this is my first attempt at a blog, and hopefully I’ll get going on this and actually make it something I do on a regular basis.  So let me start off by saying that this will hopefully also motivate me to write and draw more just to post more things on here.  Otherwise, this blog will also contain a ton of stuff about video games and the like.  So, on that note… Let’s begin!